This is Westrum Photographs. 

I am a Wisconsin based traveling photographer. I love what I do and I try to make every experience more than just about the photos. If you leave feeling more connected to each other then I know I did my job!

How many times have you gotten photos taken and afterwards didn’t feel confident about the experience?  The stiff poses and forced smiles are just not my style. The real magic usually happens in between the poses when you relax and forget about the camera for a second. I want to capture real life moments, with real looking people, and with real smiles on their faces.

Will I make you trek through dirt, snow, sand and rocks to find the most beautiful scenery? If you're willing....ABSOLUTELY! Because real life is messy, fun and full of adventure! 

All sessions are done in natural light with minimal retouching so the images look and feel authentic to who you are!

Would you like to see some examples?