This is Westrum Photographs. 

I am a Wisconsin based traveling photographer. I try my hand at all things portraits, weddings, families & boudoir photography!  I hate cliches and sounding super professional all the time, but I'm too awkward to write a better introduction so at least I'm covering my basis. Moving on!

My passion and goal with photography is to capture life as candid and authentically as I can.  How many times have you gotten photos done and afterwards felt like you didn't really look natural or even comfortable?  The stiff poses and forced smiles is just not my style. I want to capture real life moments, with real looking people, with real smiles on their faces and all the moments in between.

Will I make you trek through dirt and hike to high places to find the most beautiful scenery? If you're willing....ABSOLUTELY! Because real life is messy, fun and full of adventure. You can also expect me to use a lot of natural light and dark shadows to create a moody style to the images. With editing, I tend to lean towards cool tones and film-like coloring as well to give a truly nostalgic feel to the photos.  Authentic, fun and natural is what I want you to walk away with when thinking about your experience!

Phew! That's a lot of talking. Now do you want to see some examples?