Hello There!

First off, thank you for checking out my website! I know it can be hard choosing a photographer, so let me give you an idea of who I am behind the camera!


Fun Facts: 

I am redeemed by grace and believe in the power of forgiveness. I really love people but consider myself an introvert. I am a busy body that doesn't like to slow down very often. I drink too much coffee. I am always trying to learn new things and pick up new hobbies when I have time (thank you Pinterest!) 


The Basics:

I reside in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin. I am a stay at home mama to my beautiful baby Eden. My handsome bearded husband Steve and I have been laughing and adventuring together in marriage since February 2015. We both love food, board games, traveling and music. Our dreams include raising a family, serving in our church, and pursuing our passions in music & art. 


Are we a good fit?

My desire is to show people grace, respect, and compassion above all else. This dream has taken me on some wild adventures and I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience life alongside such wonderful people. 

So let's chat or meet over coffee & donuts and plan an adventure together!