Heun Family

Fall has been such a beautiful but short season this year and I am so glad I got to snag some family photos. I love these guys so much and not just because they are family ;) My niece and nephew are hilarious and adorable, but what is even more crazy is that they are expecting their 3rd sibling next Spring! I am honored to get to watch these guys continue to grow in love and in family members. Here are some photos to remember the times when they were just a family of four!

Family Session with the Shelley's

I have few words to express how grateful I am to work with families like this. The Shelley's are thrilled to introduce baby Landon into the world and their family dynamic was so adorable to capture. It's always so easy to work with such laid back people who fully trust in my creative weirdness. It is actually kind of crazy chasing an active little toddler around while trying to keep a newborn asleep and peaceful. We managed to get some awesome shots of all of Landon's poofy full hair, wrinkly baby skin and tiny features while also getting some of little Eva's personality. I hope you enjoy the small glimpse into Luke and Shannon's beautiful family. 


Phelan Family

Lifestyle family sessions are what make me come alive as an artist. A majority of life's sweetest moments take place in the home. It's natural, candid, and comfortable to take photos like this, especially with a newborn!

Mia is perfection and her parents are head over heels for this little peanut. It was so beautiful and heart warming to capture such tender love and sloppy dog kisses. 




When I was a senior, my senior portraits were a BIG deal. I wanted to look like a mature adult polished, confident and ready to take on the world. In hindsight, I knew absolutely nothing about who I was or what life actually looked like outside my high school walls. There was so much more to see and explore in the real world, I wouldn't possibly have had a grip on my identity until I started exploring and growing on my own. 
So when I go into senior sessions, I really am only after one thing and that is to capture a young person as exactly who they are in this season of life. I want to show the different passions, characteristics, and life experiences that have shaped them into who they are. Because in just a few short years, things will probably look VERY different for them. However, they will have these photos & memories to look back and remember where they came from. They'll be able to remember the safe and warm environment of home and always know where they can come back to. It should also be a reminder of all they accomplished in their grade school days and have gratitude for all their parents or guardians sacrifice. 
Here are some portraits I did for a young man named Noah. He has an optimistic perspective and confident approach to his future. I think he is ready for the world and he is definitely eager to explore just like most people are at his age. Oh to be young....

Building Forts

Today I miss my three little pals and their sweet parents in Kentucky. It's been over a month since this trip and I have been trying to find time to express exactly how it all impacted me.

I lived in a very full house of 8 1/2 humans for about 10 days. However, this house is out in the country nestled into this hillside overlooking some beautiful rolling hills. There are chickens and various types of wasps & bees, but somehow really refreshing and peaceful. Me and the kids watched movies, built forts, colored, played uno, board games, and read stories. It was different than my normal day to day, but I left feeling so rejuvenated in my spirit. It was like my soul was able to rest even though life was a different kind of busy. 

Originally, I was there to photograph an in-home birth and we were all really excited for it. Everyday, we thought it might be the day but sadly it never came while I was there. People asked me, "Were you disappointed?" "Did you feel like it was a waste of a trip?" Honestly, yes I was disappointed that I didn't get to do what I set out to do. Does that mean it was a waste of a trip? Absolutely not!!! 

I learned a lot about pregnancy and babies and how untimely birth can happen. I learned a lot about parenting and how failures turn into a learning experience and you sometimes have to try something new. I had awesome quality time with my extended family and caught up on a lot of things. I got sun burnt because it was 70 and sunny most of the time there! And I still photographed lots of ordinary moments that I will cherish for a long time. I built forts and watched Disney movies with my pals and it was awesome!

I came there with a lot of expectation, and left there not fulfilling hardly any of my plans. But man was it worth it. I would go back and do it all again in a heart beat (but maybe try to time it a little better to actually catch the birth ha). Birth photography is something I desperately want to pursue, I just need to get the right opportunity. I am fascinated by the strength, inspired by the beauty and overwhelmed by the love & joy that comes. Someday I'll get to photograph a birth, I just have to be patient!

Kentucky Adventures

For those of you who don't know, I am currently in Kentucky and I am patiently waiting for a baby to arrive. You see, about 3 months ago my cousin called me up and asked if I would be interested in a cool photo opportunity. Long story short, his wife Angela is planning to deliver their fourth baby in home and asked me to come down and document this miraculous moment. I obviously agreed to come down, in hopes that baby would arrive in the time frame I have planned to be here.
Baby was due Monday, April 3rd and it is already Wednesday, April 5th. She must be comfy up there or just really wants a suspenseful entrance!
Meanwhile, I have been spending time with mom, the other three kiddos and her parents most days in their cozy home in Kentucky while we all wait for baby to arrive. Most days we spend as much time as we can outside enjoying the sunny 75 degree weather and playing with some chickens they are raising. It has been great to spend some quality time with them but we all want to meet baby pretty soon here because the clock is ticking!

Elisebeth & Trevor

I don't often ask couples to hike up a steep cliff in 30 degree weather for photos, but when I do it ends up being pure magic. This newlywed couple is one of those real life kinds of people that don't just look like they are in love but actually really are! I couldn't be more thankful that these guys won my Valentine's giveaway. Check out my freezing Devil's Lake couple shoot with Trevor & Elisebeth.

Gorton Wedding

"High school sweethearts" sounds like something out of a fairy tale these days. Well that's exactly what Morgan & Zach's wedding felt like. All the dreamy reds & greens, the matching snow boots, and even a snow storm right after the ceremony to put the cherry on top. These two were the most effortless couple to capture and the most pleasant people to work with. Not to mention they made a winter wedding in Wisconsin look like the most magical thing a couple could dream of! 

Ruby Wedding

This wedding was so uniquely wonderful. Clay and Brielle have a deep appreciation for the traditions of the Catholic church and their style and personalities fit perfectly with this style. Every detail was so thoughtfully intentional but at the same time very laid back. They couldn't have picked a better day for a fall wedding in Wisconsin. I am so inspired from this beautiful nuptial mass and how perfectly it fit together with this couple.