Eden: One Year

Where do I even begin.

A year ago, Steve and I were pregnant and clueless about what it meant to be parents. We were excited and anxious about growing our family but we were honestly scared too. I knew this was going to change everything about our lives and life wasn’t going to be about us anymore. I thought I learned a lot about selflessness when I got married but that was like riding a bike with training wheels compared to becoming a parent. Now I feel like I’m trying to learn to ride a unicycle while juggling bowling pins! Okay maybe not that extreme, but I definitely feel like I’m juggling a lot of things. The impossible balancing act of being a mama, wife, friend, and entrepreneur has been such a reality check that it’s just not possible to do all on my own. God deserves all the glory for this magnificent gift we call Eden. God has given us the strength, grace and endurance to get through it all and we are so humbled to watch her thrive and blossom into a beautiful little human.


4/22/2018 vs. 4/22/2019

Head - 38 cm 47 cm

Height - 22.5 in 30 in

Weight - 9lb 6oz 21 lb 7oz

What is fun about reaching the toddler stage is watching Eden develop new social skills. She has always been a pretty social baby but now she has started to become more cautious of new people. She will be shy/bashful from a distance and play hard to get but love the attention. However, if there is ever another baby, she has no problem going right up to them and poking their eyeball! It’s amazing how much they understand even at this age. Whenever we try to be serious and ask her not to do something naughty, she either starts laughing at us or she starts crying! It’s crazy how they know when they are being naughty and try to turn it into a silly game. She also loves being chased/tickled and it’s so worth those sweet baby giggles. She isn’t quite walking yet but walks along couches and tables with ease so chasing her is quite hilarious as she scurries clumsily around furniture. I’m holding my breath for the day she starts walking and I will be forced to play chase every single day!

We are so thankful for this year with Eden. She has enhanced every part of our lives and has been the greatest gift to us. It’s been so easy to celebrate this bundle of joy and we are excited to see how much she changes this next year.

Winter Wonderland Maternity

Today marks the due date for baby Gardner, so I thought I’d take a minute to blog about this stunning maternity session from a few months ago. We got A LOT of snow this winter and every time the blizzards would hit, I desperately wanted to do a photoshoot. So when this photoshoot lined up perfectly with (yet another) snowstorm, I knew it was going to be absolutely beautiful. This gorgeous snow princess mama was literally glowing against the fluffy white background. The pop of maroon of her flowy dress with her floral crown made me feel like I stepped into a scene from Narnia. It was pure magic!

Floral Crown: Rooted Floral Co

The love between Carson & Elle is so sweet, tender, full, and effortless to capture. Their love even extends beyond just the two of them and is showed continuously and graciously towards others. They are such a beautiful example of God’s grace and love. I have full confidence that they are going to fiercely love and endlessly adore their baby girl with everything in them. I am so grateful to get to witness the journey of motherhood and parenthood for these two wonderful people.

We’re ready for you Baby G! We can’t wait to welcome you into this world!

Eden: Eleven Months

Eden Sparrow hit her 11th month mark last Friday! So that can only mean one thing…she is going to be a one year old in less than a month!?!?! How did that even happen??? We specifically asked her not to grow up!

In all seriousness, this little girl is not looking so little these days. She can fit into some 18 month clothing already and fits into size 4 baby shoes. She isn’t a chunky girl by any means but she is long and lean. Hopefully she’ll grow up to be a volleyball/basketball player and I can coach her someday!

She has become quite the busy bee nowadays since learning to crawl. She is very brave and climbs/gets into everything! She isn’t walking quite yet but I’m not even a little worried about that. I’m actually not looking forward to chasing her around all day long and trying to protect her little body from sharp edges. When I was between the age of 1-2 I definitely had to take a trip to the ER for some stitches in my forehead, so I’m praying the same doesn’t happen to us.

Also these adorable antique wooden blocks were a gift from Eden’s Great Grandma Westrum! They are over 50 years old!

New Interests

When Eden hit about 9 months old, she suddenly became much more interested in her books. I have been reading to her since she was very little but now she seems like she is able to pay attention and understand some of the things I’m reading. She has memorized most of her ‘touch and feel’ books and will even lay on the floor and play with her books all by herself. It makes me so happy and excited to see her little brain working hard to learn new things through her books!

New Tricks

Points with her finger at people’s facial features

Tries to share food or toys with you

Started saying “Da-dee” aka Daddy

Learned how to climb stairs

Started giving other babies kisses

Personality Traits

Makes really goofy facial expressions

Acts silly to make other people laugh

Can be a bit dramatic

Very affectionate

Likes to play independently

Happiest when she’s eating

(I know everyone thinks Eden always looks super happy and easy to photograph but this is a picture to prove that most of the time that’s not the case lol)

Eden: Ten Months

I think Eden is just as surprised as we are about how fast this last month went by! This past month was such a shift for her. When we went to her nine month appointment, Eden wasn’t crawling yet (but inch worming) and our pediatrician said that she was a bit “behind” in her mobility. He wasn’t concerned because he said that some babies never crawl, but hopefully she should be crawling/walking by 1 year. About two weeks after that, Eden finally figured out how to crawl and now she’s climbing up everything and getting into all kinds of shenanigans. She is also getting a couple more teeth and is eating about three meals of solid foods a day.


Very curious

Loves being silly

Pretty independent

Super chatty

Hates missing out on the fun

Loves being social

Eden: Nine Months

Another month of memories with this peanut has flown by. As we roll into the new year, we are so excited to watch Eden grow and learn. It’s been so fun getting to know our little person and all her quirkiness.

She has already started to show this very charming and silly personality. She loves when people interact with her. There are so many moments I look at her throughout the day, and she is staring at me with the cheesiest gummy smile just eagerly waiting for me to smile back. We laugh with her every day because she genuinely loves making people smile.

We also love to have dance parties! Eden can’t help but start moving & shaking whenever she hears music. She has this hilarious dance move where she shakes her head back & forth over and over until she’s dizzy. We love our silly little girl so much.


Celebrated her first New Years & Christmas

Started trying to feed herself

Has mastered the inch worm

Stands up for long periods of time

Does adorable baby yoga poses

Babbles “mama & dada”


Wiggling & Moving

Eating solid foods

Exploring everything

Playing with non-toys

Bath time

Playing with dogs & cats


Shaking her head side to side

Fake Coughing to get your attention


Getting things taken away

Being held when she’s full of energy

Getting dressed

Not getting to eat Mom & Dad’s food

When Mom touches her face

Getting hair clips & hair ties put in



Eden Bug

Eden Love


Punky Poo Poo (Dad calls her this lol)

Baby Girl


Eden Apple (Aunt Steph calls her this)

Eden: Eight Months

This little cutie hit her eight month mark on the 22nd! We had a lot of things happen in this last month and she seems to be growing up way too fast. The biggest event that took place was Eden had a minor surgery. I didn’t share too openly about it because it broke my heart to think about, but Eden had a small dermoid cyst on her left eyebrow when she was born. It was just a small little bump, but Steve and I made the decision to have it removed. Thankfully, it was the perfect window of time to have this surgery and everything went so incredibly smooth. The surgeon and her team at the American Children’s Hospital here in Madison were AMAZING and made us feel very safe under her care. Eden has made a great recovery and honestly didn’t skip a beat afterwards. She was back to her goofy smiley self that same day and the incision is hardly even noticeable already! Praise God!!!


Started getting some teeth

Is able to get up on all fours and almost ready to crawl

Transitioned to her own room

Learned how to clap

Sits up for long periods of time

Started babbling different sounds

Dances to music


Being talked to


Trying all the food

Playing games like Peek-a-boo

Dogs (especially their tails)

Bath time

Yelling loudly

Fake coughing for attention

Other babies/kids



Changing clothes

Getting things taken away

Too many unknown faces at once

Sitting still

Mom touching her face

Being startled

We feel like she has been learning so many new things lately, and we can’t believe it! She is starting to show a very goofy side and really loves when Mom & Dad encourage her silliness. The first 3/4 of her life have gone by in a blink, but we are looking forward to all the exciting things she is going to accomplish in 2019. She has added so much joy and adventure to our lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are very very thankful to have a sweet, healthy, and lovable little girl added to our lives and we can’t wait to share all that she’s up to for the upcoming months. Have a safe and Happy New Year! - The Westrums

Eden: Seven Months

Hip hip hooray! Eden’s first Thanksgiving and seven month mark fell on the same day! It was an extra full day of family, cuddles and delicious food. Eden has enjoyed most foods she has tried these days, especially mashed potatoes! In general, she is still the most easy going baby and her goofiness makes us laugh every day. Her gummy smile fills her whole face and it brightens my day constantly. Her hair is so long and wild, everyone laughs or comments on her untamed mane all the time. But I love her crazy hairdo and it’s extra fun to style with some precious bows & clips.

This month was a big shift in starting to develop her communication. She has always really loved interacting with people, but now she has started becoming more demanding of people’s attention with her loud squawks. It’s so fun to listen to her experimenting with different sounds and making adorable babble noises like ba-ba. So now Steve and I are racing to see if she’ll say ma-ma or da-da first!


Started popping her first tooth

Dressed up for her first Halloween

Had an overnight with Grandma

Celebrated first Thanksgiving

Sleeps through the night most of the time





Christmas Trees

Chewing on everything

Babbling loudly

Playing with tags on toys

Rolling everywhere


Getting dressed

Sitting still during diaper changes


Vaccine shots

Sitting up

Getting in the carseat

Eden: Six Months

Six whole months, half a year, 183 days with this little radiant ball of sunshine. Being her parents has only enhanced and given our lives greater joy than we’ve ever known. She only gets cuter by the day and we are so grateful to look into those big blue eyes each day. I know most people say that time flies but I honestly feel very content watching her grow in front of us. We celebrate each milestone and look forward to getting to know this little person as she grows up.

It’s obvious that she is a happy little girl and getting to document her smile and goofy expressions is a lot of fun as a photographer. Today was probably the last really nice Fall day above 60 degrees for the year. So we went to the park before sunset to document Eden’s half birthday and to appreciate the last bits of the season! I keep telling myself as I soak in these moments, that these are the “Good ole days” and to not let them slip by and to just enjoy it.


Tried rice cereal & pumpkin

Getting better at sitting up but not quite there

Starting to push her self up with her arms

Almost sleeps through the night

Gives great sloppy kisses


Screeching at the top of her lungs

Sticking out her tongue

Giggling when mom & dad pretend to sneeze

Scooting all over the place


Chewing on anything she can get her hands on

Giving (aggressive) kisses

Bouncing in her activity center

Trying new foods

Being tossed in the air


Seeing her bottle but not being able to eat immediately

Getting dressed

Sitting still

Being in the carseat too long

Being set down when she’s hungry

Eden: Five Months

A few things I learned today: Eden can really rock a beanie & she is literally the cutest human being I have ever seen.

I am a few days late but these photos are by far my favorite we have done yet! I think she is getting used to me pointing a camera in her face all the time because we had A LOT of fun doing these photos. Her personality is just bursting through these days and I am loving it! I think my favorite thing about her these days is her smile because it just lights up her whole face and makes my heart so happy. . I don’t have a lot of updates because this month was literally a blur….so here are a ton of freaking adorable pictures.

Delta June- Birth Story

Photographing a birth is something I have been waiting for years to do. It's a difficult thing to "plan" for because most babies don't come on their due date. But I didn't give up on this dream and a door was finally opened on July 3rd.

Katherine and I had met for lunch a few weeks prior to catch up on life and talk about babies and motherhood. I asked her if she was having a photographer at the birth and at the time she didn't have any plans to have one. It just wasn't something she had put much thought into and it was getting down to the final weeks anyway. I shared with her all about the times I had attempted to photograph a birth in the past but never succeeded. We left that lunch without any plans to work together during the labor.

 A week or so later Katherine texts me and asks if I would like to photograph the birth!!! We decided to meet up about 10 days before the due date to talk about what the expectations would be. The day we planned to meet, I get a text from Katherine saying she wasn't feeling very good and wanted to reschedule. I encouraged her to rest up at home in case baby decided to come soon! Later that night...her water broke!!!! I was so shocked because I really didn't expect things to happen so quickly. Katherine decided to try and get some sleep that night because her contractions hadn't even started yet. Late the next morning, Katherine went to the hospital and was already dilated 5cm!

When I arrived, the room was very calm. Katherine was super focused and I was so impressed with how in-tune she was with her body for a first time mom. Each contraction she tried different techniques of coping and she had a lot of strength in her. The birth room was very spacious so I never felt like I was in the way. I was really able to be a "fly on the wall" and just witness the miracle of life unfold without being a distraction.

Katherine and Konnor had such good communication during the labor. Katherine was so good about moving around and she was never in one position for too long. It was so beautiful to watch how her and Konnor worked together. Even during a contraction she was able to direct him so that he was able to assist her. You could tell that they were really bonding as each contraction brought them closer to meeting their baby girl.

This is where things started to get really tough. I don't know what it is about first babies but they definitely tend to take their sweet time. It had been a long day and Katherine was losing energy but still focused. She didn't know it at the time but she had stayed at 7cm for about 10 HOURS! I decided to head home for dinner to take a break and see my family. When I got back to the hospital, Katherine was sitting up in the bed watching Parks & Rec and I knew at that point that things had really slowed down. I realized that probably meant baby girl was not going to be coming tonight. The midwife stayed positive the whole time and told Katherine it was okay if she rested and let herself slow down to get some energy back. I decided to head home and sleep as much as I could and wait to hear when things picked up again.

The next morning, baby girl was finally making her way down! In the middle of the night, Katherine had decided to get some fluids and very small amounts of pitocin to give her the extra push she needed. It was just enough to get through the final stretch. As much as she wanted to have a water birth, the midwife actually suggested she try sitting on the toilet to labor. It sounds strange but it actually is a really good position to push! At that point, Katherine was exhausted and as much as she didn't like the idea of it, it really did work the best! Things really started moving along and so the midwife decided to check and see how close baby girl was. Katherine needed to hear some good news and the midwife felt pretty confident that baby was going to come within the hour! After the update, everything seemed to be happening really fast. The midwife didn't even take time to put her scrubs on!

And just like that...she was finally here!

Delta June Arnaud-Leblanc was a little piece of heaven born on the 4th of July!

She was absolute perfection and Katherine & Konnor could not take their eyes off of her. I was also a weepy mess as I got to witness such a precious and powerful moment. There really isn't many words to describe what it's like to meet your baby for the first time. It is definitely one of the sweetest moments there is. 


What a privilege to witness and what a glorious opportunity to see behind a camera lens! It's insanely beautiful and so unique to photograph. Every mama deserves a warrior badge of honor after going through something like this in my opinion. God gave woman such a powerful gift with the ability to bear children and I definitely want to see many more miracles like this in the future. 

Eden: Four Months

Four months. A quarter of a year. What the heck?!? 

They are not kidding when they tell you that these first few months will go by in a flash! Every month seems to move faster than the last one! And with it, comes a lot of wonderful new experiences and a new little piece of Miss Eden begins to form. This month was all about starting to find our rhythm. If you know me at all, you should know I do not like routine or keeping things the same for very long. I am super laid back when it comes to my plans for the day. So when people ask me how her "sleep schedule" has been, I just kind of look at them like that nervous laughing emoji and change the subject. Because I do understand that Eden needs some consistencies in her day in order to function properly so I am working on being more sensitive to her needs and trying to have a flexible "routine". Amazingly enough, she is a very easy going baby and I rarely feel like I put her in situations where she is overstimulated or hasn't had a chance to rest. She actually seems to really enjoy all the adventures we go on together and I love seeing how she learns about the world around her each day. 

If you're one of those mamas who knows about the "Wonder Weeks", Eden went through her 4th leap which was a huge developmental growth spurt that lasted the entire month basically. So when people ask me what new things she is doing these days, I want to explain all the mental progress that is happening with her but it's hard to explain. She is now able to see as far as we can and understands "events" so everything that is happening around her is an unpredictable experience. Physically she is becoming a lot more coordinated with her hands and is super active as she is discovering how to control her movements. So basically everything she can hold in her hand is now going into her mouth (awesome lol). Her bursts of energy are hilarious because she just goes crazy moving her whole body and making all kinds of screechy loud noises. Bath time has also become super fun as she flails and splashes water everywhere. 


She got an activity center to play on

We have finally gotten her to really laugh (but it takes a lot of work haha)

She is trying to figure out crawling (by tucking her legs under and scooting herself around facedown)

She can grab her toys and bring them to her mouth

Went to her first baseball game


Mama rescuing her when she's overtired


Rolling over and falling asleep on her belly


Being outside looking at the trees

Watching TV (lol)

Being talked to or watching people talk

Reading stories

Trying to hold her bottle

Sitting on Mama's lap while she works


Being with strangers too long

Vaccine shots

Loud places with a lot of people

Getting ready for bed

Eden: Three Months

3 months with this smiling beauty and we can hardly believe how fast the time has gone.

But man is she only getting more fun and even more adorable each month!!

This month was packed full of gatherings. She got to meet all of her grandparents, great grandparents and a ton of other extended family. And she seems to still be okay with being a part of our crazy family.

We are having a lot of silly moments these days with her. It's amazing how much she is learning and growing! Her baby talk is getting much louder and squeakier. She is also starting to find things funny and has made some adorable little giggles. Her fine motor skills are also improving, especially at gripping onto Mama's hair. Last week, she finally figured out how to roll over onto her belly!!!! Mom was SO excited and managed to catch it on video for Dad. 

We adore our happy little girl. She is the greatest joy of our day and we love seeing her personality bursting through.

She already is sassy like her Mama but laid back like her Daddy. Most of the time she enjoys just being on the floor by herself, talking to her toys and scooting all over the place. She is finally starting to enjoy looking at books now, so we are excited to start reading to her regularly. 


She is rolling over!!!!!!!!

She is ALMOST laughing (just giggles for now)

Starting to self soothe

Went a whole day without Mama (so she could photograph a wedding)

Finally grew out of all of her newborn and some of her 3 month clothing :(

Went to the County Fair and rode the ferris wheel



Singing along with Mama

Scooting around on her back

Rolling over


Bath time (again)

Sucking on her thumb

Going for walks

Cuddles when she wakes up

Laying on a blanket by herself


The carseat (when she's tired)

Loud Noises!

Waking up (like her Dad)

Being hangry (like her Mom)

Long Naps

Eden: Two Months

Baby Eden is 2 months old! She is growing so big so fast! It's both exciting and emotional to think about. We don't have her updated measurements yet but we do know she is over 12 pounds already! It's amazing to see how much they learn after the first month. Her personality is showing more day by day and we are now able to interact with her. It's such a satisfying feeling when your baby smiles at you the moment they see you. Our hearts are so full!

Milestones of the month:

Took her first major road trip back to Iowa (4+ hour car ride one way)

Went out to a restaurant with mom and dad

Started smiling at people

(Mid-sneeze photos are hilarious)

Most days she is a chill and happy girl. Obviously she has had her moments, but it's usually fixed with some snuggles and milk. She loves when we talk to her and makes the most adorable coos and squeals. She also just started holding her head up for long periods of time on her own but still is working on balancing her big beautiful head. The biggest part of our month was introducing her to more family. She was able to meet a ton of people and seemed to love all the attention. There has also been a few changes in her interests this month. 

Things She Likes:

Mom & Dad, talking, rolling on her side, looking around, shoving her whole fist in her mouth, making mom clean up spit up, getting her diaper changed, laying on the floor to wiggle around, cuddling, sleeping

Things She Dislikes:

being tired, bath time (hopefully she likes them again soon), being hungry, being startled, getting her nails clipped, having her naps interrupted

Eden: One Month

An entire month has flown by and I'm not really sure where it went. Steve and I can barely remember what it was like to get a full nights sleep but it's amazing how our bodies adjust to fit our circumstances. Oh and coffee...there's always coffee to help...


For being a newborn, Eden has been pretty good to us. Her days are pretty simple: eat all the milk, take all the naps, stink up all the diapers. She loves cuddles and sleeps the best when someone is holding her, which makes it difficult to get things done around the house during the day. But losing my free time is the least of my worries because I know this newborn stage is so short. Even now her personality is coming out and it's so fun to watch her change everyday.  It's still a toss up trying to decide who she looks more like. We think she is a good blend of both of us but we shall see! 

Likes: cuddles/ nursing/ staring intently at everything/ burping really loud/ pooping while mom is changing her/ taking baths/ sucking on her hands

Dislikes: being hungry/ getting out of the bath/ being disturbed while nursing/ gas/ hiccups


Eden Sparrow: the name

When deciding on a name for baby girl, we didn't have many in mind to start with. We honestly thought we were having a boy at first, so we leaned more towards boy names in the beginning. However, there had been a few names that crossed my mind before we were even pregnant, but Steve never seemed too crazy about them so I just kind of set them aside. I wanted both of us to love the name we chose. 

We had some criteria when it came to choosing a name. First off, we wanted the name to have a significant meaning or at least a story behind it. We also wanted to pick something unique that could give her a sense of individuality as she grew up. We even considered what it would be like for her as an adult with the name. And lastly, we decided we wanted to meet her before making a final decision. 

Eden was one of those names we heard that just stuck. We liked the reference to the Garden of Eden in Genesis because it was a perfect place that offered both beauty and nourishment to the first of mankind before the fall. Eden also means "delight" which we thought was sweet. So when we thought of our future daughter with these attributes (perfect/ beautiful/ delight), we wanted to think of a fun middle name to go with it. 

Sparrow was used in some of Jesus' parables in the New Testament. In Matthew 10, Jesus talks about how "not one of them(sparrows) will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care" and that we shouldn't be afraid because we are even more valuable than birds. Matthew 6 talks about the same idea with a reference to birds and says," Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them." Personally, I have always found myself coming back to these passages because of my tendency to worry and forget God's promises. A sparrow has kind of become a symbol or reminder to me of God's promises and that we are even more valuable to him than the "birds of the air" or the "flowers of the fields". 

Therefore, Eden Sparrow came to mean- delight in God's promises. So every time we looked at our beautiful little girl, we would be reminded of God's promises rather than worry about tomorrow. 

On the day that we finally got to meet sweet baby girl, we knew Eden was the name. She was perfect, beautiful and brought us SO MUCH delight. She took our hearts and shattered them into a million pieces and we will never be the same.  We feel so amazed at how God has provided for us as we have come into this new stage of life. God is faithful and we are so thankful!


Below are some photos I took our first week home:


Eden: First Bath

May 1st, 2018

What could be cuter than a little tiny baby in a big giant bathtub?  Eden's first bath was a positive experience. She loves when the water runs over her belly and hair. It seems to calm her instantly when we start to massage soap into her beautiful head of hair. Also, the smell of a clean baby is now one of my favorite smells.

I'm excited to see her love for bath time grow when she gets bigger and can play with some cute bath toys!


Eden Sparrow Westrum



April 22nd, 2018 10:00pm- the moment our lives were forever changed.

This amazing & beautiful creation came into this world 9lbs and 6oz and 22.5in long. I was in labor for about 40 hours and yet the moment we met, I instantly forgot about the pain and struggle it took because I was so thankful to finally have her in my arms. She exceeded all my wildest dreams and she continues to make my heart burst with affection and love. I am still in awe of the miracle that is miss Eden. 

Let's rewind a little bit in order to get the full story of how we finally got to meet! Going into labor, I had high hopes of doing a water birth but the only restriction was that I couldn't go beyond 41 weeks. Eden was quite comfortable in there so we didn't quite make it before the 41 week mark, so we had to adjust our strategy a bit. I still planned to do an unmedicated birth and the birthing center we chose has huge tubs in each room. So either way we'd still get to use a tub in the process. 

On Friday night before Eden was born, Steve and I went out with some friends to an arcade and had a great time. When we got home, we headed straight to bed at about 12:30. Right when I laid my head down on my pillow, I felt a contraction that I knew was different. Steve had already dosed off, so I decided to get into the bath and see if the contractions would continue and strengthen. The contractions picked up but I still didn't wake up Steve. I wanted him to rest before things got really intense. At about 6am, Steve finally woke to find me in labor and decided to call my doula Kayla to come over. I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible before heading to the hospital. 

Our last day before we became parents. 

Our last day before we became parents. 

Unfortunately things started to slow down and I was getting very tired. We tried to get things moving again by walking around, playing games, and attempting to nap in between contractions. By about 8pm Saturday night, things had picked back up and we decided it was time to head to the hospital! The midwife working that night was helping a delivery when we arrived, so we had to wait until about 10pm to get checked. When we finally were able to see the midwife, she gave me the worst news: I was only 1 cm dilated!?!


I completely broke down in defeat/exhaustion. I felt like the whole day had been wasted. The thought of going home and laboring through another sleepless night was just too much to fathom. I just wanted to meet my baby! 

Luckily the midwife decided to keep me at the hospital and give me some morphine to help me rest. The morphine didn't make the contractions stop, but it helped me to rest in between. At 7am the midwife came in to check on my progress and was shocked to find out that I was 6cm dilated! HALLELUJAH! I couldn't believe that things had turned back around so quickly. It was finally game time and I was so ready to get this baby out!


Kayla, Steve and I practiced different coping positions and techniques to help baby girl move down. I spent a long time in the tub and that was definitely the best way for me to relax. A few hours passed and we had made it to 7 cm. Progress was happening but slowly. Exhaustion started kicking back in and the two days of not sleeping was weakening my mental strength. Also, I started experiencing back labor and began to feel myself resisting the pain and tensing up during each contraction. So of course, labor stopped progressing and it was time to talk about our options. The midwife suggested 3 things:

  1. Break my water-which would help baby progress but would intensify labor  
  2. Get an epidural- which would allow me to have some rest but mean that I would be confined to the bed for the rest of labor
  3. Get a pitocin induction- which could put stress on the baby and also intensify labor

Steve and I prayed about it and both felt like the best option would be to get the epidural and then break my water. My exhaustion was overpowering me and I needed some relief. The epidural ended up working in the best possible way. I was able to sleep for a couple hours which was super helpful. It also didn't completely numb me from feeling the contractions but took the edge off the pain so it was manageable. After a few more hours we were finally able to get up to 9cm!


Around 8:30pm, I began feeling insane pressure and the need to push. So we had the midwife come in and help me do some practice pushes to get Eden to 10cm. With Steve holding one leg and Kayla holding the other leg, I pushed until I was fully dilated. Baby girl was finally able to drop down and I was ready to get her out! The midwife told me that it could take anywhere from 1-3 hours to push her out, but I knew there was no way I was going to wait that long. So with each contraction I pushed with everything I had left in me. The nurse and midwife were shocked at how determined I was and were not expecting things to happen so quickly. But I managed to push her out in just 30 minutes and it was the most insane feeling in the entire world. I doesn't seem like it should even be possible but the reward is unimaginable. Like I just finished a marathon! I will never forget the feeling of holding her and seeing her for the first time. I had no idea she was going to be so big! She was absolutely perfect and I am so thankful to have a big healthy beautiful baby girl. 


Becoming a mother is something I would have never thought would make me feel so full. I am overflowing with love and compassion like I have never known. It has made me step outside myself and evaluate all the things I thought were important. I honestly thought I knew a lot of things about labor, babies, and motherhood but now that I'm experiencing it, I realize that I still don't know very much at all. I didn't know what I didn't know, but thank God there is grace. There is so much to learn and the less expectations I have for it, the easier it will be to adjust and deepen my understanding. I am so completely undeserving of the grace that motherhood brings but I am going to do my very best to try and love this little one like she deserves. She is the best gift we have ever received and we are so lucky to be her mom and dad.


Heun Family

Fall has been such a beautiful but short season this year and I am so glad I got to snag some family photos. I love these guys so much and not just because they are family ;) My niece and nephew are hilarious and adorable, but what is even more crazy is that they are expecting their 3rd sibling next Spring! I am honored to get to watch these guys continue to grow in love and in family members. Here are some photos to remember the times when they were just a family of four!

Family Session with the Shelley's

I have few words to express how grateful I am to work with families like this. The Shelley's are thrilled to introduce baby Landon into the world and their family dynamic was so adorable to capture. It's always so easy to work with such laid back people who fully trust in my creative weirdness. It is actually kind of crazy chasing an active little toddler around while trying to keep a newborn asleep and peaceful. We managed to get some awesome shots of all of Landon's poofy full hair, wrinkly baby skin and tiny features while also getting some of little Eva's personality. I hope you enjoy the small glimpse into Luke and Shannon's beautiful family.