Building Forts

Today I miss my three little pals and their sweet parents in Kentucky. It's been over a month since this trip and I have been trying to find time to express exactly how it all impacted me.

I lived in a very full house of 8 1/2 humans for about 10 days. However, this house is out in the country nestled into this hillside overlooking some beautiful rolling hills. There are chickens and various types of wasps & bees, but somehow really refreshing and peaceful. Me and the kids watched movies, built forts, colored, played uno, board games, and read stories. It was different than my normal day to day, but I left feeling so rejuvenated in my spirit. It was like my soul was able to rest even though life was a different kind of busy. 

Originally, I was there to photograph an in-home birth and we were all really excited for it. Everyday, we thought it might be the day but sadly it never came while I was there. People asked me, "Were you disappointed?" "Did you feel like it was a waste of a trip?" Honestly, yes I was disappointed that I didn't get to do what I set out to do. Does that mean it was a waste of a trip? Absolutely not!!! 

I learned a lot about pregnancy and babies and how untimely birth can happen. I learned a lot about parenting and how failures turn into a learning experience and you sometimes have to try something new. I had awesome quality time with my extended family and caught up on a lot of things. I got sun burnt because it was 70 and sunny most of the time there! And I still photographed lots of ordinary moments that I will cherish for a long time. I built forts and watched Disney movies with my pals and it was awesome!

I came there with a lot of expectation, and left there not fulfilling hardly any of my plans. But man was it worth it. I would go back and do it all again in a heart beat (but maybe try to time it a little better to actually catch the birth ha). Birth photography is something I desperately want to pursue, I just need to get the right opportunity. I am fascinated by the strength, inspired by the beauty and overwhelmed by the love & joy that comes. Someday I'll get to photograph a birth, I just have to be patient!