When I was a senior, my senior portraits were a BIG deal. I wanted to look like a mature adult polished, confident and ready to take on the world. In hindsight, I knew absolutely nothing about who I was or what life actually looked like outside my high school walls. There was so much more to see and explore in the real world, I wouldn't possibly have had a grip on my identity until I started exploring and growing on my own. 
So when I go into senior sessions, I really am only after one thing and that is to capture a young person as exactly who they are in this season of life. I want to show the different passions, characteristics, and life experiences that have shaped them into who they are. Because in just a few short years, things will probably look VERY different for them. However, they will have these photos & memories to look back and remember where they came from. They'll be able to remember the safe and warm environment of home and always know where they can come back to. It should also be a reminder of all they accomplished in their grade school days and have gratitude for all their parents or guardians sacrifice. 
Here are some portraits I did for a young man named Noah. He has an optimistic perspective and confident approach to his future. I think he is ready for the world and he is definitely eager to explore just like most people are at his age. Oh to be young....