Eden: Six Months

Six whole months, half a year, 183 days with this little radiant ball of sunshine. Being her parents has only enhanced and given our lives greater joy than we’ve ever known. She only gets cuter by the day and we are so grateful to look into those big blue eyes each day. I know most people say that time flies but I honestly feel very content watching her grow in front of us. We celebrate each milestone and look forward to getting to know this little person as she grows up.

It’s obvious that she is a happy little girl and getting to document her smile and goofy expressions is a lot of fun as a photographer. Today was probably the last really nice Fall day above 60 degrees for the year. So we went to the park before sunset to document Eden’s half birthday and to appreciate the last bits of the season! I keep telling myself as I soak in these moments, that these are the “Good ole days” and to not let them slip by and to just enjoy it.


Tried rice cereal & pumpkin

Getting better at sitting up but not quite there

Starting to push her self up with her arms

Almost sleeps through the night

Gives great sloppy kisses


Screeching at the top of her lungs

Sticking out her tongue

Giggling when mom & dad pretend to sneeze

Scooting all over the place


Chewing on anything she can get her hands on

Giving (aggressive) kisses

Bouncing in her activity center

Trying new foods

Being tossed in the air


Seeing her bottle but not being able to eat immediately

Getting dressed

Sitting still

Being in the carseat too long

Being set down when she’s hungry