Eden: Seven Months

Hip hip hooray! Eden’s first Thanksgiving and seven month mark fell on the same day! It was an extra full day of family, cuddles and delicious food. Eden has enjoyed most foods she has tried these days, especially mashed potatoes! In general, she is still the most easy going baby and her goofiness makes us laugh every day. Her gummy smile fills her whole face and it brightens my day constantly. Her hair is so long and wild, everyone laughs or comments on her untamed mane all the time. But I love her crazy hairdo and it’s extra fun to style with some precious bows & clips.

This month was a big shift in starting to develop her communication. She has always really loved interacting with people, but now she has started becoming more demanding of people’s attention with her loud squawks. It’s so fun to listen to her experimenting with different sounds and making adorable babble noises like ba-ba. So now Steve and I are racing to see if she’ll say ma-ma or da-da first!


Started popping her first tooth

Dressed up for her first Halloween

Had an overnight with Grandma

Celebrated first Thanksgiving

Sleeps through the night most of the time





Christmas Trees

Chewing on everything

Babbling loudly

Playing with tags on toys

Rolling everywhere


Getting dressed

Sitting still during diaper changes


Vaccine shots

Sitting up

Getting in the carseat