Eden: Eight Months

This little cutie hit her eight month mark on the 22nd! We had a lot of things happen in this last month and she seems to be growing up way too fast. The biggest event that took place was Eden had a minor surgery. I didn’t share too openly about it because it broke my heart to think about, but Eden had a small dermoid cyst on her left eyebrow when she was born. It was just a small little bump, but Steve and I made the decision to have it removed. Thankfully, it was the perfect window of time to have this surgery and everything went so incredibly smooth. The surgeon and her team at the American Children’s Hospital here in Madison were AMAZING and made us feel very safe under her care. Eden has made a great recovery and honestly didn’t skip a beat afterwards. She was back to her goofy smiley self that same day and the incision is hardly even noticeable already! Praise God!!!


Started getting some teeth

Is able to get up on all fours and almost ready to crawl

Transitioned to her own room

Learned how to clap

Sits up for long periods of time

Started babbling different sounds

Dances to music


Being talked to


Trying all the food

Playing games like Peek-a-boo

Dogs (especially their tails)

Bath time

Yelling loudly

Fake coughing for attention

Other babies/kids



Changing clothes

Getting things taken away

Too many unknown faces at once

Sitting still

Mom touching her face

Being startled

We feel like she has been learning so many new things lately, and we can’t believe it! She is starting to show a very goofy side and really loves when Mom & Dad encourage her silliness. The first 3/4 of her life have gone by in a blink, but we are looking forward to all the exciting things she is going to accomplish in 2019. She has added so much joy and adventure to our lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are very very thankful to have a sweet, healthy, and lovable little girl added to our lives and we can’t wait to share all that she’s up to for the upcoming months. Have a safe and Happy New Year! - The Westrums