Eden: Two Months

Baby Eden is 2 months old! She is growing so big so fast! It's both exciting and emotional to think about. We don't have her updated measurements yet but we do know she is over 12 pounds already! It's amazing to see how much they learn after the first month. Her personality is showing more day by day and we are now able to interact with her. It's such a satisfying feeling when your baby smiles at you the moment they see you. Our hearts are so full!

Milestones of the month:

Took her first major road trip back to Iowa (4+ hour car ride one way)

Went out to a restaurant with mom and dad

Started smiling at people

(Mid-sneeze photos are hilarious)

Most days she is a chill and happy girl. Obviously she has had her moments, but it's usually fixed with some snuggles and milk. She loves when we talk to her and makes the most adorable coos and squeals. She also just started holding her head up for long periods of time on her own but still is working on balancing her big beautiful head. The biggest part of our month was introducing her to more family. She was able to meet a ton of people and seemed to love all the attention. There has also been a few changes in her interests this month. 

Things She Likes:

Mom & Dad, talking, rolling on her side, looking around, shoving her whole fist in her mouth, making mom clean up spit up, getting her diaper changed, laying on the floor to wiggle around, cuddling, sleeping

Things She Dislikes:

being tired, bath time (hopefully she likes them again soon), being hungry, being startled, getting her nails clipped, having her naps interrupted