Eden: Three Months

3 months with this smiling beauty and we can hardly believe how fast the time has gone.

But man is she only getting more fun and even more adorable each month!!

This month was packed full of gatherings. She got to meet all of her grandparents, great grandparents and a ton of other extended family. And she seems to still be okay with being a part of our crazy family.

We are having a lot of silly moments these days with her. It's amazing how much she is learning and growing! Her baby talk is getting much louder and squeakier. She is also starting to find things funny and has made some adorable little giggles. Her fine motor skills are also improving, especially at gripping onto Mama's hair. Last week, she finally figured out how to roll over onto her belly!!!! Mom was SO excited and managed to catch it on video for Dad. 

We adore our happy little girl. She is the greatest joy of our day and we love seeing her personality bursting through.

She already is sassy like her Mama but laid back like her Daddy. Most of the time she enjoys just being on the floor by herself, talking to her toys and scooting all over the place. She is finally starting to enjoy looking at books now, so we are excited to start reading to her regularly. 


She is rolling over!!!!!!!!

She is ALMOST laughing (just giggles for now)

Starting to self soothe

Went a whole day without Mama (so she could photograph a wedding)

Finally grew out of all of her newborn and some of her 3 month clothing :(

Went to the County Fair and rode the ferris wheel



Singing along with Mama

Scooting around on her back

Rolling over


Bath time (again)

Sucking on her thumb

Going for walks

Cuddles when she wakes up

Laying on a blanket by herself


The carseat (when she's tired)

Loud Noises!

Waking up (like her Dad)

Being hangry (like her Mom)

Long Naps