Eden: Four Months

Four months. A quarter of a year. What the heck?!? 

They are not kidding when they tell you that these first few months will go by in a flash! Every month seems to move faster than the last one! And with it, comes a lot of wonderful new experiences and a new little piece of Miss Eden begins to form. This month was all about starting to find our rhythm. If you know me at all, you should know I do not like routine or keeping things the same for very long. I am super laid back when it comes to my plans for the day. So when people ask me how her "sleep schedule" has been, I just kind of look at them like that nervous laughing emoji and change the subject. Because I do understand that Eden needs some consistencies in her day in order to function properly so I am working on being more sensitive to her needs and trying to have a flexible "routine". Amazingly enough, she is a very easy going baby and I rarely feel like I put her in situations where she is overstimulated or hasn't had a chance to rest. She actually seems to really enjoy all the adventures we go on together and I love seeing how she learns about the world around her each day. 

If you're one of those mamas who knows about the "Wonder Weeks", Eden went through her 4th leap which was a huge developmental growth spurt that lasted the entire month basically. So when people ask me what new things she is doing these days, I want to explain all the mental progress that is happening with her but it's hard to explain. She is now able to see as far as we can and understands "events" so everything that is happening around her is an unpredictable experience. Physically she is becoming a lot more coordinated with her hands and is super active as she is discovering how to control her movements. So basically everything she can hold in her hand is now going into her mouth (awesome lol). Her bursts of energy are hilarious because she just goes crazy moving her whole body and making all kinds of screechy loud noises. Bath time has also become super fun as she flails and splashes water everywhere. 


She got an activity center to play on

We have finally gotten her to really laugh (but it takes a lot of work haha)

She is trying to figure out crawling (by tucking her legs under and scooting herself around facedown)

She can grab her toys and bring them to her mouth

Went to her first baseball game


Mama rescuing her when she's overtired


Rolling over and falling asleep on her belly


Being outside looking at the trees

Watching TV (lol)

Being talked to or watching people talk

Reading stories

Trying to hold her bottle

Sitting on Mama's lap while she works


Being with strangers too long

Vaccine shots

Loud places with a lot of people

Getting ready for bed