Eden: Nine Months

Another month of memories with this peanut has flown by. As we roll into the new year, we are so excited to watch Eden grow and learn. It’s been so fun getting to know our little person and all her quirkiness.

She has already started to show this very charming and silly personality. She loves when people interact with her. There are so many moments I look at her throughout the day, and she is staring at me with the cheesiest gummy smile just eagerly waiting for me to smile back. We laugh with her every day because she genuinely loves making people smile.

We also love to have dance parties! Eden can’t help but start moving & shaking whenever she hears music. She has this hilarious dance move where she shakes her head back & forth over and over until she’s dizzy. We love our silly little girl so much.


Celebrated her first New Years & Christmas

Started trying to feed herself

Has mastered the inch worm

Stands up for long periods of time

Does adorable baby yoga poses

Babbles “mama & dada”


Wiggling & Moving

Eating solid foods

Exploring everything

Playing with non-toys

Bath time

Playing with dogs & cats


Shaking her head side to side

Fake Coughing to get your attention


Getting things taken away

Being held when she’s full of energy

Getting dressed

Not getting to eat Mom & Dad’s food

When Mom touches her face

Getting hair clips & hair ties put in



Eden Bug

Eden Love


Punky Poo Poo (Dad calls her this lol)

Baby Girl


Eden Apple (Aunt Steph calls her this)