Eden: Eleven Months

Eden Sparrow hit her 11th month mark last Friday! So that can only mean one thing…she is going to be a one year old in less than a month!?!?! How did that even happen??? We specifically asked her not to grow up!

In all seriousness, this little girl is not looking so little these days. She can fit into some 18 month clothing already and fits into size 4 baby shoes. She isn’t a chunky girl by any means but she is long and lean. Hopefully she’ll grow up to be a volleyball/basketball player and I can coach her someday!

She has become quite the busy bee nowadays since learning to crawl. She is very brave and climbs/gets into everything! She isn’t walking quite yet but I’m not even a little worried about that. I’m actually not looking forward to chasing her around all day long and trying to protect her little body from sharp edges. When I was between the age of 1-2 I definitely had to take a trip to the ER for some stitches in my forehead, so I’m praying the same doesn’t happen to us.

Also these adorable antique wooden blocks were a gift from Eden’s Great Grandma Westrum! They are over 50 years old!

New Interests

When Eden hit about 9 months old, she suddenly became much more interested in her books. I have been reading to her since she was very little but now she seems like she is able to pay attention and understand some of the things I’m reading. She has memorized most of her ‘touch and feel’ books and will even lay on the floor and play with her books all by herself. It makes me so happy and excited to see her little brain working hard to learn new things through her books!

New Tricks

Points with her finger at people’s facial features

Tries to share food or toys with you

Started saying “Da-dee” aka Daddy

Learned how to climb stairs

Started giving other babies kisses

Personality Traits

Makes really goofy facial expressions

Acts silly to make other people laugh

Can be a bit dramatic

Very affectionate

Likes to play independently

Happiest when she’s eating

(I know everyone thinks Eden always looks super happy and easy to photograph but this is a picture to prove that most of the time that’s not the case lol)