Eden: One Year

Where do I even begin.

A year ago, Steve and I were pregnant and clueless about what it meant to be parents. We were excited and anxious about growing our family but we were honestly scared too. I knew this was going to change everything about our lives and life wasn’t going to be about us anymore. I thought I learned a lot about selflessness when I got married but that was like riding a bike with training wheels compared to becoming a parent. Now I feel like I’m trying to learn to ride a unicycle while juggling bowling pins! Okay maybe not that extreme, but I definitely feel like I’m juggling a lot of things. The impossible balancing act of being a mama, wife, friend, and entrepreneur has been such a reality check that it’s just not possible to do all on my own. God deserves all the glory for this magnificent gift we call Eden. God has given us the strength, grace and endurance to get through it all and we are so humbled to watch her thrive and blossom into a beautiful little human.


4/22/2018 vs. 4/22/2019

Head - 38 cm 47 cm

Height - 22.5 in 30 in

Weight - 9lb 6oz 21 lb 7oz

What is fun about reaching the toddler stage is watching Eden develop new social skills. She has always been a pretty social baby but now she has started to become more cautious of new people. She will be shy/bashful from a distance and play hard to get but love the attention. However, if there is ever another baby, she has no problem going right up to them and poking their eyeball! It’s amazing how much they understand even at this age. Whenever we try to be serious and ask her not to do something naughty, she either starts laughing at us or she starts crying! It’s crazy how they know when they are being naughty and try to turn it into a silly game. She also loves being chased/tickled and it’s so worth those sweet baby giggles. She isn’t quite walking yet but walks along couches and tables with ease so chasing her is quite hilarious as she scurries clumsily around furniture. I’m holding my breath for the day she starts walking and I will be forced to play chase every single day!

We are so thankful for this year with Eden. She has enhanced every part of our lives and has been the greatest gift to us. It’s been so easy to celebrate this bundle of joy and we are excited to see how much she changes this next year.