I am a Lifestyle Birth, Family and Wedding photographer. Madison, Wisconsin is where I call home and I love capturing people in the diverse and spacious landscape of the Midwest!

Now you may be wondering what exactly Lifestyle means so let me explain! I believe in capturing the true, authentic, and raw chemistry between people. In order to accomplish that, I try to capture real life moments, with real looking people, and with real smiles on their faces. It’s not so much about striking a pose and saying “cheese” like you were probably taught your whole life. But it’s about how you interact with each other and how smiles light up your faces when you look at the people you love the most. Because the genuine smiles come when you forget about the camera and you find yourself in the moment being exactly who you are! Lifestyle also means that I mostly use natural light and tend to do minimal retouching so that the images can stay as true to you as possible!

Would you like to see some examples?